Diwali, October 27, 2019

Samooh Lakshmi Poojan & Chopda Poojan @ Mandir : 4:30 PM

Recommended Donation – $ 201 per couple

Each participant couple will receive a silver Lakshmi coin for pooja.  All poojan samagri will be provided; however, you are welcome to bring your own murti and chopda for poojan. 

Mahurats for poojan at home - Lakshmi and Chopda Poojan's timings (all these times are equally auspicious)

Muhurat Startime-Endtime

Shubh 7.20am to 8.44am

Chal    11.28am to 12.50pm

Labh   12.50pm to 2.12pm

Amrut  2.12pm to 3.34pm

Shubh  4.56pm to 6.21pm

Amrut   6.21pm to 7.58pm

Chal      7.58pm to 9.35pm

For more information, please contact

Bhargav Desai 202-746-7901

Kiran Parikh 410-465-6308

Ashish Parikh 443-677-5091 

Mandir Priests 301-421-0985