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Grand Shikhar Patotsav

Suggested Donation:$1,501 Per Deity. 

Murtis in the Garbhagruha of the deity chambers are the main components of the Hindu religion. A sacred traditional rituals and ceremonies are performed celebrating the anniversaries of murti consecration (Pran Pratishtha) at the Mandir, which is known as Patotsav. In essence, it is a re-consecration ceremony re-invoking Parmatma. By celebrating the Patotsav, our inner sentiments for all mighty God are rekindled and reinvigorated. Shri Mangal Mandir will have Grand Abhishek of the Murtis after the Mangla Aarati in the morning. Abhishek means to pour Panchamrut – Milk, Yogurt, Ghee, Sugar and Honey and Kesar Jal. This ceremony is performed in a meticulous sequence by chanting specific vedic Mantras. The sanctified Panchamrut, known as Charnamrut is collected and later made available to devotees. After the Abhishek, the Murtis are bathed with water and adorned with Shringar – garments, ornaments and flower garlands. A small yet rich Annakut of sweets and savory dishes is off ered, This is followed by Aarati. The Annakut Prasad and Charnamrut is then distributed.

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