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Bal Gokul Bhakti Group (6th to 8th grade)


Bhakti Group provides a continuation of the teachings from Jagrati and Shakti groups. The basic principles of Sanatan Dharma will be discussed at a level appropriate for middle school children. We emphasize the understanding of the basic ideas of Hindu Philosophy and logical derivation of its practices.



Introduce the students to the Hindu philosophy and instill practices in daily life
Teach the students about their culture and the practices
Prepare students to be thoughtful leaders in all aspects of the their life
Develop positive personality traits like self-discipline, leadership, compassion and courage in the youth.


Curriculum (3 years) 

  • Introduction to basic beliefs of Hinduism

  • Hindu festivals and their origin

  • India’s contributions to the world – science/mathematics/astronomy/philosophy

  • Famous Hindu Personalities and their ways of practicing of Hinduism 

  • Mahabharata and Srimad Bhagavad Gita

  • Introduction to Hindu Scriptures: Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas

  • Ramayana

  • Hindu way of life

  • The origins of Sanatan Dharma and comparison with other religions

Class Material 

Hindu Dharma Book (MMBG will provide this for new students only)
Lecture/reading materials and class summaries (provided by the teachers)


Class Format  

Greetings, Pranayama and shloka of the day
Student lead review of previous class material.
Class – lecture/discussion and question answers.
Reciting “Sahnavavatu ..” shloka 



Students are expected to attend all classes to have uninterrupted learning. Students will work in small teams on assignments and classwork.

Bhakti Group Teachers

Jyoti Sawhney

Samir Shah
Bhakti Group Email -

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