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Bal Gokul Yukti Group (9th to 12th grade)


Yukti Group curriculum is designed to provide overall personality development (spiritual, physical, mental and emotional) classes based on the Hinduism, Indian culture, philosophy and scientific spirituality for the children in 9th to 12th grade.


Develop positive personality traits in the youth.
Cultivate the virtues of self-discipline, leadership, compassion and courage in the youth.
Properly utilize the talents and energies of youth in creative tasks.
Awaken self-confidence through self-reliance.
Develop the spirit of cooperation with society amongst the youth.
Prepare prudent (wise), honest, responsible and confident young men and women



  • Essence Of Hinduism

  • Objectives(Purusharth) Of Life

  • Karma & Reincarnation

  • Yoga in life 

  • Individual, family, society 

  • Fine Arts : Music, Dancing, Plays etc

  • Idol Worship and Pran Pratishtha 

  • Hindu Scriptures

  • Darshan - Introduction

  • Epics – Ramayan, Mahabharat

  • Vedas and Up-Vedas

  • Upanishads

  • Purans

  • Saints Of India

  • Hindu Religion and Science(Practical Application Of Hindu Concepts)

  • Yagya (what/why and how)

  • Wealth and poverty (How/Why/Our Contribution)

  • Similarities and Differences with world Religions

  • Women in Hinduism over the centuries

  • Community service and hands on activity


Class Material 

Hindu Dharma Book (MMBG will provide this for new students only)
Power point presentations (Teacher will provide this)


Class Format

Greetings, Anulom-Vilom Pranayam - 3 times and Pranayam with OM chanting – 1 time before we begin the class
Review material discussed in the Previous class
Discuss Topic of the Day (includes stories, games, questions, case studies and workshops)
Shantipath by reciting three slokas 
Dismiss for the Arti



All students are strongly encouraged to attend all sessions. This allows them to have an uninterrupted flow in learning. 

Yukti Group Teachers

Dr. Kiran Parikh

Neeta Gandhi

Bobby Shah

Mehul Parikh
Yukti Group Email 

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