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Monthly Donor Program

Jai Shri Krishna.


Shri Mangal Mandir (SMM) is a non-profit organization largely dependent on the donations from the community.  We are very grateful to the support we have received which has allowed the temple to grow over the years and become the beacon of Hinduism in the Washington Metropolitan area.


Like every other organization, SMM has expenses that must be met.  Some of the expenses are fixed such as mortgage, priest salary, bills, utilities, internet and phone bills. Others are variable expenses and address maintenance as well as improvement to the infrastructure of the mandir. While every penny of incoming revenue is re-invested into the upkeep of the mandir and towards the general operating costs, it is hard to predict the amount of the incoming donation.  Being a Hindu temple, the donations are concentrated during the festival season.  There are lean times when there is no (a big reduction in) incoming revenue.


Please join the initiative and sign up for recurring donations through Monthly Donor Program. This allows the mandir to have a steady revenue stream which can support the ongoing operational expenses and the mandir services.


Methods to donate:

  • Donate online securely at as a recurring monthly donation using your credit card (Mandir will pay credit card fees for your convenience.)

  • Add “Shri Mangal Mandir” to your Billpay feature from your bank.

  • Make check payable to Shri Mangal Mandir and send it to:
    Shri Mangal Mandir, 17110 New Hampshire Avenue, Ashton, MD 20861

  • Deposit directly in our bank account. For mandir bank account information, please contact Mr. Harshad Parikh at 301-653-8810.

  • The Mandir will deduct a recurring amount from your bank account using your bank account information and your authorization in a secure way. Click here for the Authorization agreement to debit from your bank account.

We hope you will consider signing up for this program.  If you wish to have a conversation and explore ideas, please reach out to Mr. Harshad Parikh (301-653-8810).  Thank you for your ongoing support for your mandir.

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