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Bal Gokul Shakti Group (3rd to 5th grade)


Shakti Group curriculum is designed to provide continuation of Jagrati Group, where the knowledge and understanding of Hinduism is expanded in an age appropriate manner for the children in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade.


Hindu Rituals and Culture
Major Hindu festivals
Basic principles and symbols of Hinduism
Shlokas : from Hindu Dharma Book and Welcome to BalGokul pamphlet
Shakti Group follows a yearly theme for each of the three years: 1) Ramayana, 2) Das Avatar and 3) Hindu Dharma Rites and Rituals



Children attending Shakti Group should be able to follow simple instructions and sit in a classroom environment independent of their parents. In this class, children will be taking notes and should be able to copy words as instructed. Children must not bring toys (electronic or non-electronic), since these can distract the class.

Class Material

Book bag
Folder, binder, composition notebook, pens and pencils
Hindu Dharma Book (MMBG will provide this for new students only)
Purna Vidya Religious Culture Book (MMBG will provide this)


Class Schedule

  • Greetings, Chant OHM 3 times before we begin the class

  • Shloka: Students will be assigned a shloka, which will be explained with transliteration, translation and meaning. Children are expected to be able to recite the shloka and know their meaning in their own words.

  • Theme instruction: Hindu Rituals and Culture

  • Exercises, cross word puzzles and other fun activities to review material discussed in class.

  • Review/Quiz

  • At the end of each class and in the beginning of next class we will review material discussed in the class.

  • Homework

  • Students are expected to recite given shloka with their parents at home. We might have projects pertaining to the curriculum towards the mid and end of the year.


All students are strongly encouraged to attend all sessions. This allows them to have an uninterrupted flow in learning. 


Madhvi Shah

Swati Shah

Class email address -

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