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Support COVID-19 Relief Efforts in India

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Jai Shri Krishna!


India is facing the worst of the COVID-19 medical crisis.  It is hard to imagine or hear of the hardships being faced by the people. The impact of this pandemic is immense on the health and the livelihood of the population. Our matrubhoomi needs our support at this critical time.


The support flowing in from the world is being directed to the major cities and it is not reaching the rural areas.  Shri Mangal Mandir would like to provide medical aid and food to those that live in these parts of India.


We are reaching out to you in order to appeal to you to contribute towards Shri Mangal Mandir’s fundraiser for “India COVID-19 Relief Fund.”  Any contribution from each one of us, however small it may be, is going to make a world of difference towards this cause.  Every penny of the funds raised will be sent to organizations that have a base in India and are capable of serving the population in remote villages and communities.  Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.


Why should you join us in this endeavor?  We are in touch with the local organization that is providing support in India. By collecting and funneling the funds, together we will be able to make a larger impact to the support tasks. Many hands make the work light.  Please help us raise a substantial amount in order to provide the proper care to those in need.


How to contribute? You may donate online using PayPal or by mailing a check to the Mandir. Please go to the mandir website to explore these options and to donate -  Please remember to add in the memo section - “India COVID-19 Relief Fund.”  If donating by PayPal, please use this link and choose "India COVID-19 Relief" as the target of the donation.


Thank you for your generosity.  Jai Shri Krishna.

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