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Grand Shikhar Loti Puja

Suggested Donation: $501 Per Couple

The Puja with the small Kalash filled with water will be performed in front of deities in the Garbhagruha area. The Garbhagruha in literal translation says “house of womb which contains the embryo,” the source of life. Thus it also refers to the worshipper who comes to the divine and attains his own spiritual birth. The waters from all the holy rivers, the knowledge of all the Vedas and the blessings of all the deities are invoked in the Kalash and its water is thereafter used for Abhisheka of the Shikhars. The consecration (Kumbh Abhisheka) of Shikhars will be done in a grand manner with elaborate rituals including the pouring of holy water of Kalash on the top of the Shikhars.

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