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Saturday, June 2-Kesar Snan & Dhwajaji Manorath

9:30 am to 12:00 Noon- Kesar Snan , Bhajans and Dhaja

$1001/deity chamber for Mukhya Yajman

$501/deity chamber for Participating Yajman

$101 for Dhaja Manorath

Sunday, June 9-Samooh Satyanarayan Katha

2:30 PM

$251.00   Mukhya Yajman

$151.00   Participating Yajman

Saturday, June 9th-Carnival

11 am to 3 pm


Sunday, June 10-Yagna



Mandir traffic volunteers have come up with following suggestions to manage traffic/parking.  Please help us by:


  • Car Pool / Ride Sharing: please use car pooling/ ride sharing with neighbors, friends, relatives.

  • No Parking along Roads: please do not park along the New Hampshire Ave or any neighborhood streets

  • Please follow police officer's and parking management volunteers' directions

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