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Dear Devotees,

Jai Shri Krishna!

We hope all is well with you and your family. The threat of the pandemic crisis is slowly winding down in the USA with an increased number of people getting vaccinated and the number of affected people going down.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a human, economic and social crisis affecting societies at their core requiring social isolation. Now, as the crisis is easing on us, the restrictions are getting relaxed but we need to be vigilant. At Shri Mangal Mandir we have remained compliant with CDC and other government agencies. Mandir was closed when necessary and open when the county went into phased reopening.


While under reduced open hours, we have used social media platforms to provide darshan to the community.  This way we have remained in direct contact with you at the cost of reduced foot traffic in the mandir.  This however has resulted in a reduction to the income flow to the mandir.  Also, we paused the in-person karmakand activities in order to keep our priests safe.  This also caused our income to drop.


During this global crisis we are ever more dependent on your financial support.  We have reduced our expenses to minimum and postponed all budgeted improvement projects. In 2020, we aggressively applied for grant/loan opportunities from federal, state and even private corporations and we have succeeded in some cases.  However, such resources are dwindling as the economy is in a recovery phase.  This is not sufficient to keep us afloat for long.  We need your support to remain strong.


We need to start facing our financial challenges related to operation, maintenance and improvement. At this stage, we request your financial support through generous donations in these unprecedented times.

  • Donate online using credit cards on our website: and select DONATE.

  • Make check payable to Shri Mangal Mandir and send it to: Shri Mangal Mandir, 17110 New Hampshire Avenue, ASHTON MD 20861. 

  • Deposit directly in our bank account. For bank account information, please contact Mr. Harshad Parikh 301-653-8810.


We are very appreciative that you are a part of our mandir family, and for all the participation, seva and support you offer.  Our Mandir stands strong with your involvement.   Thank you.

Arvind Patel
on behalf of Shri Mangal Mandir Trust

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