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Sunday, July 30TH 2017

2:00PM: 3:00 PM        Ganesh, Durga and Nav Grah Poojan
3:00 PM : 4:00 PM      Agni Staphan and Havan
4:00 PM : 6:00 PM      SHIV Havan
6:00 PM : 6:30 PM      UttarPoojan/Purnahuti/ Aarti
6:45 PM                       Mandir Aarti and Maha Prasad

Mukhya Yajman:     $501        Participating Yajman   $251

Shri RUDRA YAGNA is dedicated to Lord SHIVA. It is the most sacred and powerful among all yagnas. It is very rare that a yagna of the great significance and magnitude can be witnessed and rare is to have an opportunity for the devotees to participate in the worship.
Shri Rudram, ancient vedic hymn is chanted along with the fire and thus attributes and qualities of Lord Shiva are invoked and worshipped; Rudra is the fierce form of Lord Shiva.

This auspicious Yagna helps to remove doshas and difficulties, maintain peace, prosperity, happiness, health( physical, mental) and harmony in the family. Lord Shivji performed Rudra Yagna after he, with help from Lord Vishnu, killed Bhasmasura

For more informaiton,  Please contact:
Dr. Kiran Parikh (443)562-1562         Chandrakant Chove (301)421-0985

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