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Grand Shikhar

The projected cost of Shikhar installation at our Mandir is $325,000. As you can imagine, a project of this magnitude requires a strong financial support from the community. We are off to a good start and are grateful for the support received so far. As proof of that wonderful support, you will be delighted to know that we already have a generous Pradhan sponsorship of $50,000. We need five other Pradhan sponsorships of $25,000 for each main Kalash Puja. We also need five sponsorship of $11,000 for each Shikhar Puja and more sponsorship for Patotsav, Loti (small Kalash) Puja and Dhwajas Sthapan. You can support the Mandir at any level. Our goal is to complete the project fully funded through the generosity of our dedicated community and without any bank loan. Only you can make it possible with your generous contribution now.

Shri Mangal Mandir will perform the following ceremonies as part of the Grand Shikhar Installation (for more description, click on the title of the puja in the list below).

PATOTSAVSuggested Donation: $1,501 Per Deity. 
KALASH PUJASuggested Donation: $25,001 Per Kalash.
LOTI PUJA (Small Kalash Puja) - Suggested Donation: $501 Per Couple. 
DHWAJAS STHAPANSuggested Donation: $2,501 Per Dhwaja. 
SHIKHAR PUJASuggested Donation:$11,001 Per Shikar. 
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