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Grand Shikhar Kalash Puja

Suggested Donation: $25,001 Per Kalash

Yagna with Vedic Mantras and rituals will be performed during the Kalash Puja ceremony. There will be five Kalash Pujas for five Shikhars and can be performed with a single sponsor or group of three to five participating sponsors for each Kalash puja.

Golden Kalash will be installed at the top of Shikhars. The Kalash symbolically represents creation and also symbolizes immortality. No Mandir is complete without Kalash. The Kalash above the Murtis in Garbhagruha creates an invisible stream of divine energy. The center of the energy stream is the Garbhagruha. The Kalash becomes a sacred antenna, capturing energy streams from all pervading Brahma which are channeled down through the shikhar where they are caught in the Garbhagruha Murtis – the fountain head of all spiritual energies.The Kalash is considered the symbol of abundance and “source of life”. Purna Kumbh is preeminently a Vedic motif, known from the time of Rigveda. It is also called Soma- Kalash, Chandra-Kalash, Indra-Kumbha, etc. The Kalash is believed to contain amrita, the elixir of life, and thus is viewed as a symbol of abundance, wisdom, and immortality. The Kalash is often seen in Hindu iconography as an attribute, in the hands of Hindu deities like the creator God Brahma, the destroyer God Shiva as a teacher, and the Goddess of prosperity Lakshmi.

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