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Virtual Vedic Halloween

We invite everyone (children and parents) to participate in Shri Mangal Mandir BalGokul (MMBG) Vedic Halloween costume competition on Sunday, November 8th.  Below are the rules to participate:

  • Competition will be based on age groups - 7 and under, 10 and under, 15 and under, 20 and under and over 21.  

  • Please dress up as your favorite Hindu devta, devi or Indian historic personality.

  • Judges will be non-BG parents/volunteers and their decision will be final.

  • Submit only one picture of participants to by Wednesday, Nov. 5th. If multiple participants from one family, please submit each entry separately. 

  • Picture must be an actual participant with a costume (no photoshop or enhanced with any video editor tool be allowed). 

  • Please name the picture as the participant's name. 

  • Add participant's name, age (by Sept 1st, 2020) and description of costume in email when submitting a picture. If information is not provided, then entry will not be accepted.

  • If we do not have enough participation in one age group, then two age groups will be combined.   

  • Winners will be posted on MM Facebook, WhatsApp group. They will also be awarded a token prize.

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